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ShieldHub Taps Shane Copeland to Lead Background Monitoring Solution

ShieldHub Unveils Portable Criminal Monitoring and
Risk Scoring Solution

Frederick, MD – July 25, 2023 – ShieldHub, a provider of the new standard in background scoring solutions designed for portability, transparency, and continuous monitoring, is pleased to announce Shane Copeland as CEO and Co-Founder of the company. Shane brings a wealth of experience to ShieldHub, having spent nearly 30 years in the US financial services industry. In that time, Shane has successfully launched a wide range of Fintech solutions, from real estate data products to technology platforms.

“The last decade has ushered revolutionary changes to how we all conduct business, but with limited tools available to us to measure risk and safety,” stated Shane Copeland, CEO of ShieldHub. “I’m excited to lead this next-generation monitoring solution that allows individuals and companies to achieve the protections they deserve while prioritizing privacy. For our FinTech industry partners, ShieldHub provides continuous compliance and risk protection for all their employees  and contractors, whether in the office or their client’s homes.”

ShieldHub is a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant background-monitoring solution that provides a criminal risk composite score that indicates any risk or compliance concerns. Unlike periodic background checks, ShieldHub provides continuous 24/7 monitoring and alerts you when an employee or contractor is out of compliance. ShieldHub assigns each user a patent-pending Anonymous Background Check (ABC) Number that assures employees and contractors that their detailed personal information will never be exposed. Additionally, since the ABC number is owned by the individual, for the first-time users have complete portability to take their score to any ShieldHub partner.

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About ShieldHub

ShieldHub is dedicated to supporting safe business and personal interactions by empowering users with the information they need to monitor and assess risk.  Unlike traditional background checks, ShieldHub’s patent-pending technology provides continuous criminal monitoring and scoring to ensure that our partners are never out of compliance. ShieldHub currently monitors thousands of finance industry professionals and contractors, providing a secure portable background score that can be used at any ShieldHub partner. ShieldHub’s simplified contractor and employee assessment offers a streamlined, cost-effective validation and onboarding experience. Combined with standardized data and scoring, ShieldHub offers unparalleled clarity as to the scope and accuracy of the monitoring