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Joshlynn Russell Joins ShieldHub as EVP Operations and Compliance

ShieldHub Portal Launches Next Phase of ShieldHub Operations

Frederick, MD – January 10, 2024 – ShieldHub, a criminal background scoring and monitoring solution designed for independent contractors is pleased to announce Joshlynn Russell as Executive Vice President of Operations and Compliance. Russell brings over two decades of project management, operations, and compliance experience within the mortgage and real estate industries.

“The ShieldHub team is extremely happy to add Joshlynn and her absolute commitment to detail, compliance, exceptional client experience and operational efficiency. Joshlynn has been instrumental in the launch of our new contractor portal by making certain that compliance features are designed to protect our clients and partners.” said Shane Copeland. “As we push the boundaries of a fully portable criminal background risk scoring and monitoring solution, Joshlynn’s role ensures that ShieldHub remains operationally efficient and supports our clients to remain compliant with the dozens of regulatory requirements surrounding independent contractor screening.”

“Operational compliance is key to ShieldHub building trusted business networks,” stated Russell, EVP Operations and Compliance. “As the demand for contract labor continues to grow, it is inevitable that the demand for standardized contractor screening and continual monitoring will increase to ensure workforce safety.  ShieldHub’s goal isn’t just to make background data useful but do it in a way that enables our clients to manage risk and maintain regulatory compliance.”

Joshlynn Russell brings over 20 years of project, operational, and compliance expertise. In her last position, Russell was part of a core team tasked to restructure project and change management operations to optimize product and business results. At ShieldHub, Russell will oversee all aspects of corporate operations and compliance. This includes working with product and development to ensure that new background check products and services support and maintain regulatory compliance.

ShieldHub is a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant criminal background-monitoring technology solution that enables a risk composite ShieldScoreTM indicator for managing risk while engaging independent contractors. Unlike periodic background checks, ShieldHub includes continuous 24/7 monitoring and alerts when an independent contractor is out of compliance with the client’s risk policy. ShieldHub assigns each user a unique anonymized ShieldIDTM (ABC#) that provides partners with evidence of risk compliance and assurance to independent contractors they have control of limiting the sharing of sensitive personal information with multiple clients or partners. Additionally, since the ShieldIDTM number is owned by the individual, for the first-time independent contractors have complete portability to share their score to any ShieldHub partner while avoiding the redundant and costly nature of multiple background checks.

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