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Helping Our Communities Get Back to Work

Covid-19 has disrupted everybody’s lives, but at Shieldhub, we are determined to help restore some sense of normality—and that means getting people back to work. We are doing everything we can to help people get hired, starting with the background check process.

Shieldhub Is Working to Keep the Mortgage Field Services Industry Hiring

Courts across the country are shutting their doors to prevent the spread of Covid-19, stopping some background checks from being completed. This blockage could have meant a freeze on hiring in the mortgage field services industry, but the team at Shieldhub has worked tirelessly with our background check partners to find a solution to this rapidly evolving issue and get people back working again.

Shieldhub’s Custom Covid-19 Background Check Solution

With courts that use electronic record systems operating normally, we have devised a way for your background check company to perform all searches as normal, bypassing any searches in closed courts.

  1. Your background check company will perform the search using data from open courts and assign a contingent IC0# based on the information available to them at the time.
  2. The background check company will record any searches suspended because of closed courts and complete those searches as soon as those courts reopen.
  3. A new ICO# will be assigned, if required—at no extra cost.
  4. Hiring and retention decisions based on information acquired during limited court openings may be reconsidered if relevant charges are uncovered when all courts open. However, this is not legal advice.

Shieldhub continues to monitor the situation closely and is committed to keeping you informed of our efforts to help get people back to work safely at this challenging time.

Our background check partners have helped us to compile an extensive list of the courthouses currently affected by Covid-19. Please review this list to see if your area is included.